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Mobile devices changed everyday life and work. Today, it is possible to access and process a huge amount of information. Such an extended knowledge makes the difference in everyday life and work. But information needs to be understandable and actionable in an easy and intuitive way. Our mission is to develop mobile applications and backend solutions by rethinking completely the way the software is designed, giving priority to the user experience by iterating the design process. We want to simplify user's life and boost the work productivity.

Our vision

Complex Problems

Complex problems are made up of separate parts, many constraints and many interactions. The first step is to untangle the interleaved elements, then focus on key elements and fundamental relations.

Our mission

Simple Solutions

We love simple solutions. Simple means no interleaving, one dimension, We analyze, we simplify, we perfect. We start over and over. We believe there is always another way, a better way, a simpler way.

Our goal

Intuitive Tools

We design tools easy to use. Easy means near to hand, near to the user, familiar, intuitive. We design the user interaction to keep the cognitive load as low as possible. Because the user is the center.


Latest news

   Welcome to our new website

We are glad to announce our new website. Completely redesigned to be responsive and to better support our customers, giving information about our latest products and services. The news section will provide the latest updates, the product section will give information about the available products and direct access to the product dashboards.

   Greenspark: the new tool for smart energies

Entelligo introduces Greenspark, the new digital assistant for the professional sales of smart energy solutions. Born from the experience of our first solar configurator, the new product promises to go beyond with a totally new approach.

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