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Feasibility study, technical analysis, prototyping, blueprint drafting, minimum viable product (MVP) preparation and testflight setup.

Creating a new business is always exciting, but ask yourself a simple plain question:  how much do you intend to spend to prove that you are wrong? The correct approach helps minimizing the risks and increase the odds that the business will be profitable and long standing.

The dream

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own application?

You had a good idea for a graet mobile app. You have been thinking for a while and dreamed of releasing your app on the App Store. But you are not a programmer...

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The execution

Do you neeed a prototype, a minimum viable product (MVP)?

You have the chance to pitch your project to an important investor, but it would make a big difference to be able to show off the first prototype of your product.

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The market

Do you need to test the product fit with a limited budget?

You can have the best idea ever for the best product ever, but will your solution be adopted by users? Before investing more and more money, you need to check the product fit.

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What can we do for you

  Native mobile application

Native applications are fast, more efficient, less battery consuming and more responsive to user interaction .

  Source code & data files

Source code is stored in a git repository and made available for future updates and new features eventually requested.

  Agile development

Fast weekely agile development cycles with analysis, building, testing before final debuggin and app release.

  Backend & realtime database

Real world applications connect to a backend to authenticate the user, exchange data e perform realtime operations.

  Realtime analytics & stats

Analytics are a fundamental cornerstone, knowing your own customers will help you to provide what they need.

  Publication on the App Store

Every app has to undergo an official review process by Apple, we assist you in registration and compliance with regulations.

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